This Note is a Con-UN-Drum, a 20 NIS Banknote

זה החליפין

Today the Con-UN-Drum is Still Readily Available at Face Value in Tel Aviv.

.ערך החליפין הוא עדיין 20 ש''ח ברח' מלך ג'ורג' שוב ואחד העם בת''א

«This note is a legal tender for all debts, public and private.»

"השטר זה אוה חליפין חוקי לכל חובות גם ציבוריות גם פרטיות"

This Is the Orchestrating Sword of the Maestro.

It Is the Sword of Mohammed Orchestrating the Market, 
Should You Decide to Complicate Things, 
It Is Futile: His Sword Knows Where You Live!

We Will Celebrate All Together the 81st Birthday of 
Noblesse Oblige Chairman Sir Alan Greenspan!

!החליפין זה שווה יותר

.זה החצ המנצח

.חצי שקל מנצחי השוק
.אם תחלית להיסתבך איתי, תבין זה מיותר
.החצים שלי יודעים איפה אתה גר

!נחגוג ביחד את היום הולדת ה81 של יו''ר אדון אהלן גרעין שפן חמ''ו.

This Con-UN-Drum Is Worth IT!

Let the Green Speak, Wave Your Con-UN-Drum.

Our Motto: Alan Salaam! Long Life to Our Khalife In.
Should They Ask Tell Them: It Is a Tender Offer for our Prisoners.

.תן לירוקים לדבר, הניף את החליפין

!הסיסמה היא: שלום אהלן !יחי המלך
.אם שואלים יש להענות: זה חליפין לחטופים


This Con-UN-Drum Is Worth More!

The Goal of the Con-UN-Drum is to Bring Down the Prince,
 of Crude Oil Down to $8 and Free ALL our Prisoners Before July 24th, 2007

To Be Sure, Put Aside One Con-UN-Drum for Every Member of Your Family.

How Does The Con-UN-Drum Works?

It Simply Because Facts Speak Louder Than Words
Its Real Existence Shapes What the Average Opinion Think of Its Own Future.

«Even outside the field of finance, Americans are apt to be unduly interested in discovering what average
opinion believes average opinion to be; and this national weakness finds its nemesis in the stock market.»

Lord John Maynard First Baron Keynes of Tilton.
The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
Chapter 12. The State of Long-Term Expectation

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Size: 138 X 71 mm.
Dominant colour: Green.
Design: Portrait of Moshe Sharett; picture of the ceremony of the unfurling of the Israeli flag at the UN building on May 12, 1949; text from the speech given by Sharett on that occasion.
Latent image: A triangle in the right-hand corner.
Sign for the blind: Two vertical lines in intaglio ink at the top left of the note.
Denomination: In the top right-hand corner in numbers, in Hebrew and with the words "Bank of Israel"; and in the bottom left-hand corner in metallic gold.
Watermark: Portrait of Sharett and a small circle beneath it enclosing the initial of his surname (in Hebrew).
Security thread: Threaded through the paper below the middle of the note.
Signatures: Governor of the Bank of Israel, Professor Jacob Frenkel; and Chairman of the Advisory Council, Rabbi Shlomo Lorincz.
Year of Printing: 1998 - beneath the portrait, in the colored strip.
Design: Picture of Jewish Brigade volunteers during WW II and of a pre-State look-out tower; text from Sharett's radio address after his return from a visit to the Jewish Brigade in Italy.
Microtext: To the right of the main text with titles of seven books written by Moshe Sharett.
Denomination: In numbers with the words "New Sheqalim" and "Bank of Israel"; in iridescent ink and in Arabic characters.
Optical Variable Ink: A triangle composed of small squares, with the apex pointing to the right.
See-through: A small triangle printed on either side of the note; the two triangles form a precise Star of David.
Serial numbers: Once in olive-green and once in black which reflects UV light.
Designers: Naomi and Meir Eshel.
Date of Issue: January 3, 1999.

!החליפין זה משתלם

מטרת החליפים, חצי השקל, הוא לנצח מרד
.מחיר חבית הנפט ל$8 ולשחר החתופים ליפנה ט' באב

.כבר עכשיו שמור חליפין אחד לפחות לכל בני המשפחה שלך

?כצד פועל החליפין

.כי המעשים מדברים בקולות חזקות מי המילים

!החליפין זה שווה יותר

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